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Future Company for Publishing, Circulation and Press

Future Company for Publishing, Circulation and Press owns Al Watan Daily Newspaper and Al Watan Portal. It is owned by Mohamed Al Amin, but there is no information on its founding nor the size of its capital.

In August 2015, Mohamed Al-Amin resigned from his position of Al Watan daily Chairman, and was replaced by Abdel Fattah El Gebaly. It is not known if El Gebaly is the chairman of the company that owns Al Watan, or is there another person who assumes this position. Media reports attributed this change to an undisclosed deal to sell the company. According to, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed for the sale of Al-Amin’s share to businessman Mohammed Wagdi Karrar, the head of Maxim Investment Group. In 2018, however, Al-Amin signed a deal with the Egyptian Media Group. Future Company for Publishing, Distribution and Press was not part of it and the Egyptian Media Group does not mention the acquisition of this company or of Al Watan newspaper and Al Watan Portal.

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Future Company for Publishing, Distribution and Press operates in the print media sector.


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Al Watan

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