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Emad El Din Adeeb

Emad El Din Adeeb is a prominent businessman who invests in the field of media, film production and art. Adeeb is also a famous political shows TV host.

Adeeb is one of the owners of the Good News Group, a holding company specialized in media publishing, content and entertainment Industry (music cinema and radio production). The group owns a stake in Nogoum FM. According to press reports, Adeeb has previously served as Chairman of Nile Radio Productions company.

Emad El Din Adeeb is the brother of well-known programmer Amr Adeeb and producer Adel Adeeb. The Adeeb family has had good connections with the spheres of power since the former President Mubarak’s time. Emad El Din Adeeb has declared his support for President al-Sisi on a variety of occasions and in 2018, he declared his support for an amendment to the Egyptian Constitution that would allow president al-Sisi to remain in power after his second term in 2022.

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Amr Adeeb (brother)

is a well-known programmer.

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