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Al Bawaba

Al Bawaba is an independent daily newspaper established in 2014. It is the print publication linked to the website Al Bawaba News ( launched in 2012. Al Bawaba newspaper does distribute more than 1000 copies per day, but is still published and has adequate funding.

Its founder, Abdel Rahim Ali is known to have supported Al Sisi’s regime. In the run up of the 2018 elections, Al Bawaba was censored in September 2017 at the printing house because of a story criticizing the parliament’s National Security Committee. To apologize, Ali signed a piece entitled "They are damaging the president’s image" on the website, in which he argues that censorship is against the “values and ethics of Al-Sisi”and asserted his support for al-Sisi. Ali does also manages the newsroom and decide upon editorial policies.

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Abdel Rahim Ali, is a member of the House of Representatives who was elected in 2015 for the Dokki and Agouza constituencies, in the Giza governorate (Cairo). He founded the Arab Center for Research and policy Studies in 1998 and has a number of writing


Abdel Rahim Ali, see above


Abdel Rahim Ali, see above.


57 Mosadek Street

Dokki, Giza

Phone: +202-33389640

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