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El Radio 90 90 FM

El Radio 9090 was launched in 2013. It belongs to the D Media Company that also owns DMC TV channels and Mobtada ( The radio provides free content. It covers news, political events, social, sports and broadcast religious programs, as well as Egyptian and Arab songs. Mohammed Ali Kheir hosts a political program entitled “Klam Bel Massry”.

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D Media for Media Production Company


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Tarek Ismail, owns D Media for Media Production Company that owns El Radio 90 90 FM, Mobtada website & DMC channels.


Tarek Ismail, see above.


Sherif Salah, is the Executive Director of Radio 90 90. He was appointed in May 2018 after Tareq Abou Al Saud became Executive Chairman of Nile Radio Network.

Other Important People

Tarek Abu Al-Seaud,
is the predecessor of Sherif Salah, Tarek Abu Al-Seaud became the Executive Chairman of Nile Radio Network in May 2018.


Telephone:  0221810866

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