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D Media for Media Production Company

D Media for Media Production Company

No information is available on the founding date or structure of the company, but media reports began to refer to D Media for Media Production Company in 2013, as a private company owning El Radio 9090 FM. D Media for Media Production Company owns DMC and the religious Al Nas TV channels, El Radio 9090 FM , Mobtada, and D Media Agency. The board of directors of D Media is headed by its owner businessman Tarek Ismail who played the most prominent role in establishing and managing El Radio 9090 FM, Mobtada and DMC channels.

There are a number of information that could not be confirmed about D Media for Media Production Company.

Mada Masr website published a report quoting sources on the dismissal of Tarek Ismail from office in October 2018. But there is no official data from D Media regarding this matter. According to Mada Masr the dismissal followed accusations made by General Abbas Kamel, the head of the General Intelligence Service, to the network’s management. Kamel accused them of losing hundreds of millions of EGP over the past two years, that DMC general channel could not minimize through advertising revenue. Moreover, Ismail management caused great tension in the network due to salary discrimination and favoritism among hosts and journalists.

Questions about the link between D Media for Media Production Company and the Intelligence apparatus have arisen early. Websites have reported that Abbas Kamel was one of El Radio 9090 FM owners. This could not be confirmed but at the time, it was difficult to launch private radios. Nogoum FM was the only one and was established during the Mubarak era and its founders had strong relations with the Mubarak regime. Moreover, when D Media launched DMC channels, businessman Naguib Sawiris, stated they would be an extension of state television, referring to D Media’s close ties with State agencies.

The management of the religious Al Nas remains unclear as well. It was said to be controlled by the Salafis after the 2011 revolution, and has become a platform for sheikhs close to the state under the management of D Media.

According to RSF information, D Media was established as a media frontage with funds and guidance from the military intelligence service in an effort to keep the influence of the General Intelligence in the field of media.

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D Media for Media Production Company owns DMC and the religious Al Nas TV channels, Radio 9090, Mobtada (, and D Media Agency.


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