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Al Shorouk Portal

Al Shorouk portal was established as a news site that provides coverage throughout the day. The portal is characterized by this fast interaction with the news, compared to the paper version of Al Shorouk. There is no separation in the editorial management between the website and the newspaper. It is not known specifically when Al Shorouk portal was launched. Al Shorouk portal has 5,162,636 followers on Facebook, 3,661,884 followers on Twitter and 64,353 followers on YouTube.

Al Shorouk newspaper was founded by businessman Ibrahim Al-Moallem, who is its chairman. The editorial board of the newspaper is composed of Gamil Mattar, a writer responsible for the newspaper's opinion page, Hassan Al-Mestekawi, and Amr Khafagy, who served as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper before Emad El Deen Hussein, who is the current editor-in-chief.

Qalaa Holding owns Al Shorouk newspaper and its website through Tanweer Company, the investment company of Citadel Capital in the publishing and media sector. Tanweer owns investments including Dar Al Shorouk Publishing, Al-Mal Newspaper, Al Shorouk newspaper, and Diwan bookstores.

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Egyptian Company for Arab and International Publishing


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Al Shorouk portal belongs to Egyptian Company for Arab and International Publishing and it is owned by Ibrahim Al-Moallem and Tanweer company, which is one of Qalaa Holdings companies. Ahmed Heikal is the owner of Qalaa Holdings.

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Ibrahim Al-Moallem, The publisher and entrepreneur Ibrahim El Moallem heads the board of Al Shorouk Foundation. He is a well-known publisher who has previously took over several positions, including the presidency of the Egyptian Publishers' Union, after


Ibrahim El Moallem, see above.


Emad Eldin Hussein, is a well known Egyptian journalist who worked in his early years as an editor and a reporter for several Egyptian and regional newspapers. He setteled for ten years in the UAE as a journalist in Al Bayan newspaper before returning ba

Other Important People

Sherif El Moallem,
is the publisher and the delegated member of Al Shorouk newspaper and the son of the chairman of Dar Al Shorouk, Ibrahim El Moallem.


59 Iran Street, Mohi El Din Abou El Ezz

Dokki, Giza

Telephone: 0237486383


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