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Masrawy was founded in 1999. It is the first online news platform in Egypt but in the MENA region. Masrawy was awarded the "Forbes 2012" award as the best Arabic news site in the Middle East. Masrawy covers politics, sports, art, technology and women, and provides daily updated content.

Masrawy does not provide information on its officials or the company that owns it. However, according to articles published on the website, journalist Magdi Al Galad is the editor-in-chief of the ONA Media Group, which includes: Masrawy, Yalla Kora, Al Konsolto and ONA.  

Al Galad worked as the editor-in-chief of Al-Masry Al-Youm (2005 till 2012), Al Watan (2012-2015) and joined the ONA group in 2016. A well-known TV host, he had a popular show called Lazem Nefham (We must understand) on CBC. In 2018, Al Galad was investigated for broadcasting false news, after a story published on Masrawy, and he was released on bail for 5,000 EGP (about 280 USD). Al Galad has good relations with former officials and businessmen, such as former Justice Minister Ahmed Al-Zind, businessmen Alaa El-Kahki (link to profile), Mohammed Al Amin, owner of Al Watan newspaper, who attended the wedding ceremony of Al Galad’s son in February 2018.

According to Magdi Al Galad, Masrawy website is owned by Egyptian billionnaire Naguib Sawiris, who does not interfere in the editorial policy of any media outlet he owns. According to press reports Link Online owns the following websites: Masrawy, Yalla Kora, Otlob, El3ab, Yalla Bina,, and Online was one of the companies of Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding (Currently Orascom Investment Holding), but in December 9, 2014 Orascom announced that the board of its fully owned subsidiary Orascom Telecom Ventures S.A.E. (“OT Ventures”) approved the sale of certain of its assets and their subsidiaries for a total enterprise value of EGP 140 million to an Accelero Capital group company (“Accelero Capital”). These assets, operating in Mobile Value Added Services, Online Advertising, Development and Content Management, include Link Online Company (S.A.E). Accelero Capital is a company in which businessman Naguib Sawiris, who currently heads the board of directors of Orascom Investment Holding, is a shareholder.Several press reports reported that Sawiris owns Masrawy website. More recently, journalist Magdi Al Galad said that Sawiris chose him to supervise the websites he owns: Masrawy, ONA, Yalla Kora, and Al Konsolto. More likely, there have been transfers of ownership for companies in which businessman Naguib Sawiris is a shareholder or companies that he owns. The launch of the ONA Media Group was announced in 2016. According to a report published by ONA news website, Tarek Morshed, managing director of ONA Media Group and Masrawy Portal said that the group includes the sites: Masrawy, Yalla Kora, Veto, Mazika and a number of specialized sites in addition to future expansions in digital media and content production.

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Link On Line is owned by Accelero Capital, in which Naguib Sawiris is a shareholder.

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Magdi Al Galad, is a well-known journalist who worked as the editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper of Al Masry Al Youm from 2005 till 2012. He then headed Al Watan daily newspaper, however, resigned in August 2015. Al Galad took over the position of edi


8 Geziret El Arab Street

El Mohandessin, 12611 Giza

Phone: +20 - 01016366916

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